I have recently improved my outdoor physical exercise experience. I used to have a sliding door in my living room that opened to nothing. That it was just about a eight foot drop to our grass. I got my husband Bill to build me a deck onto the home. The deck was long, sturdy and surely could hold tons of chairs. Bill really did do a good job. I then had the idea that I wanted to spend more time on the deck. It hasn’t been great since the deck has been getting blasted with sun. Then I got Bill to put a roof on the deck to hide me from the tortuous heat. I also started hounding him because I wanted it sealed in so that I could install air conditioning. I wanted my deck to contain many windows in it. That way the deck is air tight hence the air conditioning would not be lost. Bill moaned and groaned, but he finally achieved it for me. He got the full deck sealed in pretty snug. Is there areas where that A/C air could leak out and about? Yes, but I installed a ductless mini split in relation to the deck. This cooling device isn’t hooked to the home HVAC. Thus it won’t affect my energy bills excessively. I only turn on the AC as I work out. It keeps that one work out area awesomely cool. I could also install more indoor air handlers inside my own home for HVAC zone influence. But I kind of like a superb cooling unit being only at my work out area.

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