My partner and I were watching a movie the other day that revolved around a guy on the run. The guy stole a bunch of money from bad people and he was planning to get away with it. He traveled everywhere with a briefcase stacked full of money. He then would stop in crappy motels and store all that money there. Every single time the guy would hide a plethora of cash in the air ducts within the motel. I hated that he put the stacks of money in the ductwork. I always see odd things in those variety of situations. What if he left the money in the HVAC ducts plus the heating system turned on? Could the intense heat catch the cash on fire? I would think leaving bills exposed would make them fly around the air ducts. Not all of the money would stay intact. Despite the fact that he had the money still inside the briefcase, that would block air flow. Think of the poor HVAC system during that situation. A big briefcase full of money blocking ductwork is a big negative. The heating and cooling system could possibly not reach the temperature set on the room’s thermostat. The heater together with air conditioner would keep blowing and never shut off. It would raise the HVAC bills and potentially damage that machine. Also the motel room could be super hot or cold, based on the season. You get the heat and cooling from the air ducts. Blocking them means that you are in a room with no HVAC access. Definitely not the smartest hiding place.

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