I am so paranoid about my indoor quality of air. I am one who suffers from asthma and terrible allergies, regularly sneezing, coughing, and having difficulty breathing. I do everything I can to maintain cleanliness in my house as much as possible. My vacuum cleaner contains a HEPA filter and usually, I vacuum my entire house about two times a week. I’ve taken out most the rugs in my home as it’s much easier to scrub hardwood and tile flooring. I use a moist cloth when I dust to prevent airborne contaminants and I also wash my bedding once a week in hot water to kill dust mites. I use coverings on the mattress and pillows to protect myself against mites or any other little bugs from getting inside. I keep my windows shut so that dust, pollen, and exhaust fumes have zero chance entering in my home. I have an advanced HVAC system to not only control temperature anytime, but to also filter the inside air. Replacing the air filter in the heating and cooling unit every month does a good job at preventing contaminants from circulating throughout the house or infiltrating my HVAC equipment. Every fall, I try to schedule service for professional maintenance of my furnace, and the same for the air conditioner in the springtime. When the HVAC technician arrives, different components of the unit are cleaned to eliminate buildup of dust and grime that could potentially pollute indoor air quality and block the flow of air. Every five years, I employ my HVAC contractor to decontaminate and close the duct system. Many things like dust, pollen, bugs, and even dead rodents may be trapped inside the duct’s airway. Any leaks or holes with the duct system wastes energy, and also allows polluted exterior air to be brought inside. Since heated and cooled air flows with the duct system several times a day, it’s crucial to make certain the ducts are clean.

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