My boyfriend and I live in a very small walk-up apartment that dates to the middle of the twentieth century, but the rent is super cheap.  He was quite unhappy when he realized that the hot water could only be used for one shower a day.  It took an hour for the dish water to drain,   It took nearly an hour for the toilet to fill, and the closet light worked in Morse code.   We agreed that the owners did a great job when installing the HVAC system.  The heating and cooling work amazingly well and are highly energy efficient. They run quietly and without incident as they do their job and keep the apartment habitable., We are responsible for our own monthly bills so we try to keep the thermostat adjusted to about sixty five in the winter and seventy five in the summer.. We are lucky that we also have a washer and dryer in the apartment.  There may be only two of us, but we end up with a large mound of clothes every Friday night. We order take-out and spend our Friday nights washing , drying and folding our clothes.  Not until they are put away, do we stop, and then Saturday and Sunday is ours.  It was surprising when we first realized there weren’t any air ducts in the laundry room.  We learned to compensate by leaving the door open..  It aided in heating the apartment in the winter and we weren’t suffocating from the heat and humidity in the summer, because the air from the other rooms mixed together.  It may cost more because we need to set the thermostat down around sixty, but until there are ducts in there, it will keep it cool.