Last year, I accepted a position that meant I needed to relocate to another state. It forced me to accept a decrease in pay, but it is in the profession I have chosen and it offers real potential for advancement. When I first chose to further my career, I underestimated the expense of moving.  I decided not to  move my major furniture, but it was still necessary to rent a moving van with a tow bar for my car.  I couldn’t break my lease on my old apartment, which meant I was paying  rent on two places for several months.  I needed to find a much smaller apartment that would accommodate my budget. I didn’t think I would like living in such a small living area, but it is quite cozy. The apartment is fun.  I can clean the entire space in about an hour.  Anything I need is conveniently accessible, and maintaining the ideal temperatures cost almost nothing. There is a forced air furnace and central air conditioner that proves to be quite energy efficient. I pay for my own monthly utility expenses, and I don’t need to worry about setting my thermostat where I want it without fretting over high energy bills. It takes the air conditioner about twenty minutes to cool the small apartment, even on the muggiest of grueling summer days. I only need to run the furnace for a few hours a day during the winter.  The small apartment holds the heat the rest of the day.  I didn’t know I could have such reasonable monthly bills and still have so much comfort..

climate control