I agreed to share an apartment with three other college buddies. The house belonged to one of the guys family. We had more than enough space and it was outfitted with furniture.  The drawback was that it was a dump.  Room assignments was quite easy. My pals Nick and Al took the bedrooms on the main floor. The rooms weren’t that big, but they had a bathroom. Shawn grabbed up the attic.  That left me with the basement.  Shawn and I lucked out in room size, but we hurdles to get over. Since heat naturally goes up, Shawn had to buy a really good cooling system. Summer was going to fry him without the air conditioner.   There was air in the house, but it wasn’t enough to force its way to the attic. Shawn bought the window A/C unit for his room, but it needed to be run all the time.  The heater was sending warmth up to his room even in the winter cold. My problem with the basement was the complete opposite. It was always quite cool and comfortable.  I didn’t need an A/C because I didn’t have windows for the sun to come in and heat up the air.  The reverse was true.  My bedroom was cold and damp and I had the need for a dehumidifier for it to be livable.  I was constantly checking for mold, so I needed the dehumidifier twenty-four hours a day.  I think I struggled mostly in the winter.  I had to have some electric heaters because the heat from the furnace wouldn’t flow down into the basement.

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