This coming year, winter has been endless. By the end of September, the weather turned colder and I had to start up the heating in my home. We had several feet of now by Halloween, and the weather has consistently been following freezing temperatures. It’s just about every day I’m forced to shovel snow on the sidewalk, clear way to my mailbox, and plow all through the driveway. I can’t leave without brushing snow and scraping frozen ice off of my my car and windshield. On top of that, it’s a must to let the heater run for about twenty minutes to get into a warm car by the time everything is done. I’m sick and tired of putting on boots and my will coat, and I definitely hate receiving and paying the high heating bills. I’ve just about everything possible to have an energy proof home. I’ve installed ceiling fans to push heat back down toward the floors. Every window in my house has been upgraded to an Energy Music artist rated model, and I’ve diligently caulked around them. Every door in the house has been weatherstripped, with sweeps installed on the bottoms. I’ve placed a load of insulation in the walls, hallway, and attic, and even took made the effort to insulate around plumbing piping, overhead light fixtures, and electro-mechanical outlets. I even upgraded to a smart thermostat with the intention to conserve energy when my family is not home or sleeping. I try to set our thermostat to the lowest setting possible. When my family complains it’s too cold inside, I tell them to put on more clothing and bundle up. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if because my furnace operates on a regular basis and it costs a lot to keep it on. I think that the issue may be that the heating system system is outdated and ought to be replaced.

HVAC tune-up