I’m sure kids these days are over privileged. My kids would rather stay inside and play games than play outside. When I was a child, my parents made sure I was outside playing around until until there was no more sun every day. I decided to build my own spoiled kids a clubhouse outside to try and encourage them to go outside more, but they hate it. They say it gets too hot in the clubhouse and want to come inside to stay within the air conditioning. I don’t know which direction to go! I told them that I was never allowed to just sit inside in the air conditioning ever when I was a kid. They don’t know how good they got it. But despite their bad conduct, I still want them to travel outside and play in this clubhouse. They used it within the winter season, when we didn’t run our air conditioner on the inside. But seeing that the weather is hot now, they can still be found right back inside using up all the air conditioner. I think maybe I’ll function an extension cord that leads out to the clubhouse so I can put in a window air conditioning unit for them. My only concern is they might use that extension cord to create a play station for their video games within the clubhouse, too. If they possess a mini HVAC system and gaming systems outside, it’s no different from being inside their home! I don’t want to do the window A/C unit, but I just now don’t know how else to obtain getting my kids outside. Not only do I believe they’re being lazy, but they’re home from school for summer vacation and are driving my wife nuts.

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